It's a beautiful summer day in the Twin Cities!

Okay, it's a little bit humid, but you're on vacation, the sun is shining, and the world is brimming with possibilities.

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Where do you wake up?

Somewhere luxurious with rustic charm

In the heart of the city

Somewhere I can meet new people

In a true home away from home

Now that you’re up, it’s time for breakfast. You:

Sit down and enjoy

Grab something to go

Eat at the hotel and get on with your day

You’re ready to start exploring the Twin Cities, but there are so many options! What’s first?

Learn something new

Enjoy the outdoors

Find inspiration

Cover some ground

After a busy morning, you’re ready for lunch. What sounds good?

Comfort food, but not boring food

A good buffet

Something classically midwestern

Your ideal afternoon destination is:

Hauntingly beautiful

Steeped in history

Full of flavor

Artistically inspired

For dinner, you’ll be:

Treating yourself

Dining alfresco

Enjoying craft beer and local flavor

Ready for a night on the town?

Entertain me!

Time for a nightcap.

Take me somewhere unexpected.

I’m ready to head back to the hotel.

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What a day! You got to see so much, but it’s still just a small slice of what the Twin Cities have to offer. Luckily, tomorrow you can wake up and do it all again.

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