Women in Travel

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Make a Video. Get Votes. Win MONEY.

In celebration of the centennial of women’s right to vote, we’re giving away $10,000 in prize money (three first prizes of $2,000 across three rounds, and one grand prize of $4,000) to videographers, students, organizations, destinations, or anyone else who can show the impact of women who are accelerating and elevating travel and tourism.

Create a video up to five minutes long featuring women in travel in the U.S. It could showcase one traveler, someone who works in the travel industry, the entire community of women travelers, a mom or great-aunt who inspired a lifelong love of travel in you, or something else relevant we haven’t thought of yet.

Upload your video to YouTube, submit it here, and share it with your friends, family, loose acquaintances, friends of friends, and beyond on social media using the hashtag #WomenInTravel. Our Vacationist editors will pick a winner from the five videos with the most votes (not that we don’t love Boaty McBoatface, but weird things happen). Enter ASAP below for your chance to win!

Round 1:1/22–3/25/201/22–3/25/20March 27, 2020
Round 2:3/28–5/27/203/28–5/27/20May 29, 2020
Round 3:5/30–7/29/205/30–7/29/20July 31, 2020
Grand Prize:1/22–8/14/201/22–8/14/20August 18, 2020

Women in Travel

Like pretty much every segment of humanity, women travel. But you knew that already. Why do we have a video contest about Women in Travel? 1. In celebration of the centennial of women's right to vote. 2. We love travel. 3. Most travelers are women, and there are some pretty awesome female travelers worth celebrating. That includes women in history, modern high-adventurers, and maybe even you, your mom, and/or your grandma. Read on to learn something cool and find out how to enter our video contest for a chance to win money!

World's First Travel Writer

The world’s first known travel writer was—you guessed it—a woman, and a real trailblazer. Her name was Egeria or Etheria or Aetheria (note: these are variations of the same name—we’re not having spelling issues). Starting around 381 AD, this intrepid Spanish traveler spent three years journeying throughout Egypt, Israel, and Syria on a Christian pilgrimage. She scaled mountains, trekked thousands of miles well before the advent of compression socks and packing cubes, and did so as a woman, on her own, in—may we repeat—381 AD! Props.

Lucky for us, she also documented her getaway in a series of letters for her sisters back home. Because life happens, the account was lost for hundreds of years, but history eventually coughed up a hefty partial manuscript at the library of the Brotherhood of St. Mary in Arezzo, Italy (because where else other than the library of the Brotherhood of St. Mary in Arezzo, Italy, would you find such a thing?). And now, we have the great pleasure of bragging on a woman as the pioneer of travel writing.

Travel Fast Facts

80% of all travel decisions are made by women, according to Forbes, regardless of:

  • who they travel with
  • who pays for the trip
  • or where they go

According to USA Today Travel, females vacation every 10 months versus men who travel every 12 months.

American women are #1 in solo travel with an average of 3 trips per year, according to Booking.com.

46% of women traveling solo said they travel alone for freedom, independence, and the chance to do what they want, when they want (Solo Traveler World)

72% of American women are taking solo vacations (Booking.com)

26% of Millennial women have traveled solo before and 27% have not but would consider doing so in the future (The Cashlorette)

Enter your video for a chance to win!

The theme is “Women in Travel.” Get creative with up to 5 minutes of reel time. Submit your video. Then, share, share, share some more to rack up the votes using #WomenInTravel.

Submit Your Video Vote on Videos


“From the very beginning, I realized that a good education is a key to start in this industry. The Swiss hotel education was an important keystone to get where I am, but surely not the only one. It is not possible to reach a senior position in hospitality without hard work and continuous learning and developing yourself. And of course, not without a passion for hospitality.”
—Elena Röhl, manager of The Mandala Hotel

“Since my early years, I started traveling around the world. I was fascinated by meeting new cultures, new people, and new experiences. That led me to pursue a career in travel agencies. From there, the jump to the hotel industry was an easy one, especially because you get to be a part of the new experiences people are seeking when traveling.”
—Tiziana Laterza, manager of Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

“I think that today it’s become easier for women to reach a senior management position in the hospitality industry, as the required skills and qualities are not gender-related. So, there is no specific advice for women. Good hospitality education with certain practical experience is a good start. Inform yourself about the company you are going to start working for. Keep yourself motivated and remain agile. Be ready to work hard to make steps in your hospitality carrier, do earn the respect of your teammates and develop your leadership skills. A good manager is always a good leader with a team of professionals.”
—Elena Röhl

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