Suwannee, FL

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Suwannee, FL

Sun, Fun, and Freshwater Springs 

Tucked away from the crowds and surrounded by acres of towering trees, you’ll discover a wonder of nature: cool, gemstone-colored freshwater bubbling from deep below the surface. The picturesque calm is inviting for nature lovers, families, and those seeking pure rejuvenation. Enjoy the springs with a refreshing swim, kickback in an innertube, or paddle through the water on a kayak or paddleboard. Relax on the sandy shorelines, explore surrounding trails, or simply bask in the unfiltered beauty. 

With dozens of freshwater springs scattered across Suwannee County, you have your choice of perfection. Come along as we introduce you to a variety of favorites and, hopefully, your next adventure.  

Suwannee Springs 

Suwannee Springs was one of Florida’s first tourist attractions as it was believed its natural sulfur water had the power to heal. For this reason, the headspring was enclosed and became the property of a resort hotel. Only a few structures remain as evidence of the popular retreat, but the springs remain a sought-after destination. 

A sandy beach and hiking trails throughout the thickly wooded area bring visitors of all ages and activities. Swim or tube in the cool waters, or take to the trails for excellent hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Whatever you choose, be prepared to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Falmouth Springs

Sometimes called “the shortest river in the world,” Falmouth Springs isn’t a river. Formed from a partial underwater cavern collapse, the water surfaces for about 450 feet, then disappears underground again until it meets the Suwannee River. What we see is a quiet, hidden swimming hole with ample shade, a white sand bottom, and deceptively calm, clear water. A series of boardwalks provide direct access to the water, and picnic areas, hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails are nearby. 

Anderson Springs 

Anderson Springs is your spot if you’re looking for a secluded hideaway to cool off. How secluded? The spring is located in a riverbed and can only be seen (and enjoyed) when the river’s water level is just right. The small spring is great for shallow swimming and excellent for wildlife viewing. This location has no facilities or amenities, just you and beautiful nature. A 5-mile loop trail is nearby for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.  

Lafayette Blue Springs State Park 

A 40-minute drive from the Suwannee River State Park is the oasis of Lafayette Blue Springs State Park. The State Park is plentiful with opportunities to hike, bike, paddle, fish, and camp–even cabins are available for rent. Certified cave divers can explore over 12,000 feet of passageways that have formed over time.   

The shallow Lafayette Blue Springs is surrounded by limestone rocks that have naturally crafted two bridges separating the spring into two pools of clear water, pending the water level. A perfect swimming hole constructed by Mother Nature, Lafayette Blue is mostly shaded from the sun, has dozens of picnic areas, and wooden stairs for easy access to the water. And yes, portable facilities are available, too! 

Royal Springs  

Royal Springs is a family favorite for fun! Shallow edges are kid-friendly and perfect for lounging, while the 42-foot depth is excellent for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Like to live on the wild side? Make a splash from the jumping platform! Just here for the show? Take in the beautiful view from any of the three overlook decks. Surrounded by towering trees and limestone rock, This spring echoes gorgeous blue hues and is mostly shaded throughout the day. Nearby picnic tables, grills, and portable restrooms will help make this experience a full day of fun.  

Little River Springs 

Don’t let the name fool you; there’s nothing little about Little River Springs. Making up a 125-acre county park on the Suwannee River, you can do (and see) just about everything. Two nature walking trails allow you to witness wildlife like deer, squirrels, and countless bird species. The inviting park is groomed with grass, paved sidewalks, and handicap-accessible pavilions—complete with grills, picnic tables, and portable restrooms—while the spring’s stone steps and sandy banks lead you directly into glorious hues of blue and green freshwater. Revel in the dramatic color difference where the clear spring water meets that of the darker, tannic Suwannee River. 

Little River Springs is excellent for all ages and swimming abilities, with shallow areas perfect for tiny tikes to play in and deeper areas for advanced swimming and snorkeling. Little River Springs also houses a 1200-foot-long cave system open to certified scuba divers. 

Whether you make it to a spring or decide to float the day away, the Ichetucknee River won’t disappoint. The sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!), the views, and a sneak peek at wildlife in its natural habitat will render you relaxed and excited for your next adventure.

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