Port Aransas, Texas

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Port Aransas, Texas


The island’s mild temperatures and refreshing, salty breezes draw you in and feel like a second home; a tranquil escape where generations can unwind, breathe in the soothing salty air, and synchronize themselves to the calm consistency of Gulf tide. Here, you can leave all your worries on the mainland and fall into the irresistible island rhythm. There’s something about the Port Aransas coastal charm that has generations of families turning a single visit into their new favorite tradition. And with a wide variety of vacation rentals, it’s never been easier to plan your perfect island getaway with everyone under one roof.

Embrace the slowness 

Here in Port Aransas, time isn’t measured by the tick of a clock but rather by the melodic sway of palm trees and waves crashing on the beaches. Visitors are encouraged to tune themselves to Port A’s pace and enjoy the way time slows on the island. It’s easy to embrace the unhurried island lifestyle when slow mornings are spent together in a luxury beach rental, days are spent on miles of uninterrupted coastline, and evenings are spent gathered at one of the many open-air eateries.

Port Aransas, Texas

More Than A Beach 

The expansive Port Aransas coastline has much more to offer than surfing, boogie boarding, and soaking in rays on soft sandy beaches. Make a splash with a new family tradition aboard an excursion. A Port Aransas dolphin tour will get you up close with the playful marine animals that love to call Port A home. As you watch them jump out of the bay to greet you, you’ll see why the Port A coast is their perfect splashy playground.

There’s something special about the soft sand on Port A beaches. It’s the best sand for long walks, getting stuck between your toes, cruising along in a golf cart, or building a kingdom. When you’re on the beach in Port A, you’ve got to build a sandcastle. Book a lesson from a professional, and you can pair your memories with a few new castle-building skills to show off next time.

Port Aransas, Texas

Go From Rod to Plate 

The state of Texas is filled with beautiful lakes, stunning coastlines, and bountiful rivers, making the title of “Fishing Capital of Texas” a heavy crown—but it’s one Port Aransas wears with ease. Anglers can cast a line off the jetty, charter a boat to fish for Red Snapper in the bay, or chase after trophy sportfish in deeper waters. If you’re unsure where to start, lean on the lifetime of experience from a fishing guide. Fishing guides host anglers from novice to expert on the waters of Port A daily. These pros know where and when the fish are biting, so each outing is enjoyable and fruitful. Schedule some time on the water to make the most of each cast.

Speaking of making the most of it, you can share the joy of your day’s catch with family at one of the many cook-your-catch eateries. It’s easy to work up an appetite after spending a long day on the water. Port A’s cook-your-catch restaurants will take your freshly caught, freshly cleaned fish and prepare them to your specifications for a unique “sea-to-table” experience. There’s nothing like the sustainability of reeling in your own dinner and seeing your bounty go straight from rod to plate. Grilled, fried, blackened, or covered with a mouthwatering sauce, cook-your-catch takes fresh to a whole new level.

Start your new family tradition together and experience the true Texas coast.