What’s the Buzz Around Broadway?

If you have been to The Big City for a Broadway show before, or if this is your first time, it’s important to have a game plan.

Break down the plan into three simple steps to ensure you don’t miss a thing:

  1. Choose your Broadway show
  2. Pre-show eats
  3. Post-show treats

With so many options for dining and entertainment, making decisions ahead of time allows for reservations to be made in advance and results in less stress on your part, allowing you to simply enjoy the evening.

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The Main Event

Picking your show is one of the most important parts of your evening. Broadway is a pillar of the Big Apple, so tickets are sought after by locals and tourists alike. 

If a show is on your must-see list, ensure that you get tickets from a trusted source prior to arrival. This will guarantee that you see the shows you love without having to wait in line and compete for the off-chance of securing your tickets. Broadway.com is a great way to get tickets in advance.

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If you’re on the more spontaneous side and open to many options for shows, you might be better off waiting to purchase your tickets. TKTS ticket booths in Times Square offer discounted tickets to a variety of shows. Keep an eye out for the large red stairs. At the base of the steps, you will find the TKTS booth.

Kelly Duhigg, New York local, and owner of Girl with The Passport and Travel New York Now, recommends applying for lottery tickets to get the best deals.

“One of my favorite ways to get tickets for around $40 each is applying for rush tickets,” Duhigg said. “Before you do this though, be sure to head over to Playbill.com, look at the list of shows with rush tickets, and see if you qualify. If you do, then you can enter either a digital rush online or a general rush where you wait in line in-person.”

Pre-Show Eats

After choosing your show, make note of the start time and theater location. This can determine when and  where you dine. 

Broadway shows are normally performed in the Theater District. More than 41 theatres stretch from 6th Avenue to 8th Avenue and West 40th Street to West 54th Street. Aim to find an eatery within or near this area so that you can get to the theatre quickly and minimize traffic delays.

Sardi’s is a staple in the Theater District. Only a three minute walk from Times Square, the Italian restaurant is a hit with Broadway stars, locals, and tourists. More than 1,300 caricatures line the walls of the restaurant, originally founded in 1927. Get a glimpse of the menu to start planning your meal.

Looking for a show before the show? Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a must. This retro-themed diner serves a menu full of classic American favorites to enjoy while you are serenaded by the waitstaff. 

One of the best parts of New York City is how diverse the food options are. Just be sure to make reservations prior to your show so that you aren’t rushed.

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Post-Show Treats

What a night! After a great dinner and an amazing show, there’s no better way to finish off the evening than with a treat. Whether cocktails or sweets are on your mind, you’re sure to find something satisfying. 

Check out the famous Magnolia Bakery  for a sugar rush at the end of your evening. The bakery is famous for its handmade desserts and baked goods and has several locations throughout the Big Apple.

Maybe the Palm Court is more your style? Located in the Plaza Hotel, the recently renovated restaurant serves a wide variety of cocktails in an elegant setting.

Not sure of your post-show plans? Venture out, ask a local about their favorite spot, and prepare to be wowed.

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